Heartfailure, group ride and share experiences

Hi Morten
I hope you’re doing well.
Have seen your application, will approve. Welcome to Cardiac Athletes :slightly_smiling_face:
Take care.

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Hi Kees
Thank you for spreading the word my friend.

Hi, A few months ago, having been exposed to coved I developed some odd sensations in my chest and shoulders. Thinking I was about to join the covid ranks I want to my GP who promptly did an EKG. The good news: not covid. The bad news: I was very close to having a full blown heart attack. The irony here is if it weren’t for my covid exposure I probably wouldn’t have gone to the Docs. I was then whisked off to the hospital and now, 3 stents later, I’m confronted with a myriad of questions I’m sure you all have confronted being avid bikers in terms of how this will effect my biking regimen, what can I do, what shouldn’t I do, etc.? I have a very good cardiologist who is helping me work through this, but I also found some very good advice here!! Thank you all! I was surprised and delighted to find so many like hearted folks in the Zwift Community. I will be sure to join Cardiac Athletes!!

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Welcome Fred, good to hear you’re doing well. Keep those questions coming! I’m sure you’ll find your rhythm again. Take care

I’m new to this forum and to Zwift. After a lifetime of being pretty athletic, I’m struggling a bit with heart issues now - triple bypass, two failed grafts and a couple of stents at different times and that’s just in the past 10 months. I’m wondering which workouts or plans you have found most suited. Thanks

Hi Alan, for me training without plans or schedules was my plan. I had to find confidence again. I focussed on listening to my body and how it responded to efforts. Not thinking about watts or speed, but going with the flow. It worked for me, and I’m getting better with each training. Take care, Kees

Also submitted joic request in ZwiftPower. I got into the bike after a mitral valve repair ~2 years ago, having barely ridden for about 50 years. Slow road back but ticking along better than ever, although FTP progress goes at a snails pace. The sternum is what really seems to impact the rehab, I think we need a very exclusive in-game “Zipper Club” for group rides.

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Hi Carl
Thanks for posting here that you’ve applied for Cardiac Athletes Zwift Team. Have approved.
Glad you’re back on the bike. Yep, having your Sternum sawn in half does impact rehab significantly. A day at a time putting up with the aches and pains. Five years in now for me and I’m fortunate now to not suffer bone or nerve pain. See you in Zwift sometime maybe.

Hi everyone,

After struggling to keep up with pretty much any riders on Zwift I have been pointed in the direction of this discussion which looks interesting.

I received an ICD pacemaker to treat 3rd heart block when I was 48. It was later diagnosed as being caused by Cardiac Sarcoidosis which has caused some damage and occasionally flares up in the form of inflammation that reduces pumping efficiency.

The ICD limits my HR to the 75-150 range and at 90KG I seem to have an FTP of 165 which seems to equate to about 1.7 W/KG when riding on my Kickr snap. I can maintain this for 20-30 mins before feeling too tired.

My cardiologist hasn’t restricted the amount of exercise I can do so it’s really question of fitness. I was a serious athlete (rower / runner) in my twenties, early 50’s now… I’m not looking to recreate my glory days (just happy to still be here!) but i would love to find suitable groups to ride with to increase my fitness.

At present I can’t quite keep up with most of the Group D races or rides, and the Group E’s (which I now understand is effectively for anyone) seem to be full off very fast riders.

Anyway , great to find this diacussion. Any other Cardiac Sarcoids out there?


Hi Jamie
Great to see your post here.
I’m not sure where you’re located but, a couple of groups offer group rides that may suit you. RO4H, ZER, HERD or Team ZF maybe a good start. A good way to find these groups rides is via ZwiftHacks (link following) Events . Just go to the Search function and search the Group name eg: ZER.
I really hope you can find a group that fits your riding.
All the very best, and hopefully our paths may cross in Zwift.