Hi All,

I’m a head sweater for sure and struggling to find a headband that can cope with the amount of moisture my head produces. What I need are those like John McEnroe used to wear, wide toweling type, but can’t find them anywhere. Anyone know where I might get them from.


Zwift shop used to sell them, IIRC. Although maybe that was wristbands.

Anyway, I found some good towelling ones on Amazon.

e.g. https://www.amazon.com/Willbond-Sweatbands-Headband-Athletic-Multicolor/dp/B076WZ813Y or https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00A2UMJC0/ if you’re in the UK.

Even comes in Zwift orange. :smiley:

Try a Halo headband. They have a strip that stops sweat moving down the face, expensive but more than worth it IMHO.

https://www.haloheadbanduk.com/ - UK
https://store.haloheadband.com/ - US

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patented SweatBlock Technology

Hehe, I hardly think a strip of silicone counts as technology! Bloomin’ marketing. :smiley:

How are they for heat though? My main problem with headbands is they just make me feel even hotter.

Hi Daren,

Yes I’m UK, probably should have mentioned that. I’ve looked on Amazon but never uncovered that one. Will take a look.



I have one and it can’t cope with the amount of sweat I produce :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It works well for me, it’s all depends on how much you sweat I guess. I tried a traditional towelling headband and they are far worse they get to a point where they are filled with sweat and then it starts to get released - like a sponge being filled with water they can only hold so much. At least with the halo it releases the sweat down the side of face.

Hi John,

I sweat from my head a lot and the sponge scinario is exactly where I am. I need a bigger sponge :sponge:

You could just have a bunch of headbands and swap them out when one gets too saturated, no?

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Great minds think alike … placed order on Amazon 20 minutes ago.

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Try this strange concept, wring it out regularly? That’s what I do :slight_smile:

I have a halo headband. It works great out on the road, but I overheat with it in the pain cave even with 2 fans blowing on me. Instead I keep a hand towel draped over my bike frame just below my handlebars to mop my brow as needed.


If you are swimming in sweat :sweat_smile:6067-78-simglasogon-monterbara-malmsten-bla-1710004-antifog


Perhaps I’m a sweat freak because I already use a towel as well.

The goggle idea made me smile but generally I don’t get it in my eyes.

Have you tried VeoStrips? They are great for keeping the sweat out of your eyes. (No affiliation with VeoStrips.)


Until now I’d never heard of them. Looks like a similar idea to the Halo headband. Interesting though.


I hate the Halo headband. It has to be rung dry every 5 minutes. What I do like are these, which used to be supplied by the industry I worked for. They hold a lot and are cooler, temperature speaking, than halos.


Available on Ebay and probably industrial supply companies.

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Hi Sonny,

They look interesting because they wouldn’t be as warm as a full headband, any information on where you can purchase them?.

Sweat gutr. You have to clean the floor after a workout. But no sweat in the eyes.


Just be aware that you have to wet them then wring them out before use.

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