Happy New Year

Always lots of interesting and sometimes heated discussion on here, and it’s a community I enjoy being a part of. Zwift as a piece of software has plenty of issues (and probably always will) but the passion and engagement of the user base is easily one of its strongest attributes. It’s good to see that slowly being built upon through increased involvement of ZHQ employees in recent times.

Almost everyone just wants Zwift to be the best it can be, and most people here want to help others overcome problems with that principle in mind.

Happy new year everyone, all the best. :+1:

Happy New Year to Zwift HQ and all the Zwifters.

May 2022 be a wonderful and fruitful year.


Hear, hear!

Happy New Year!



Happy new year from Germany to all zwifters and members and whoever may read this :slightly_smiling_face:

:champagne: :fireworks: :sparkler:


Nice message Dave.

I think the majority of the regulars here have a common goal to share their knowledge to make Zwift more accessible to users who hit issues.
You’ve no doubt helped countless people with your knowledge of the IT side of things.

It would be nice to see a continuation of involvement from Zwift staff with more meaningful updates on progress of fixing bugs and technological advancements.

All the best to the regular contributors who are always on hand to offer advice and guidance.

And welcome to all new users who are just beginning their journey.


Happy New Year Dave, and everyone who uses this forum!

Thanks to everyone who’s positively contributed to making Zwift - and this forum - better in 2021; we’ve had some great things which people have shouted for and which Zwift has turned into a reality. A couple of these which made a big difference to me for 2021 were getting the ability to see what routes we’ve completed before we ride, the progress bars for each route, and the changes to pack dynamics.

Thanks to the Zwift team for the work that made these - and more - happen. Here’s to more in 2022; thanks to all and all the best for the year to come!