Handlebar Palsy

Thank you @Heli_Guy , @ScottMN , @Bonk , and @Charlie_H ! I will try the pipe insulation and see about switching my hand position. I would bet Charlie is onto something with the massage. I am now seeing a physical therapist about this and she says that all of my muscles all the way up the arm and into the shoulder and neck are way too tight. I bought a massage gun, so we’ll see if that helps and whether the physical therapy gets me anywhere. I’m glad to hear that others are finding some relief and solutions. I guess I just need to be persistent!

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Too much pressure on nerves in wrists and hands. Carpal Tunnel won’t help. Saddle height and set back, ie balance, are contributors. Weight and core strength are major contributors.

As a starting point. Saddle at 100% +/-2% inner leg length, set back for balance so hands can be removed bars without tipping forward excessively. Arms should be fairly relaxed, slightly bent without too much weight.
The short explanation for this is that while standing our hips are above our feet, but if we bend over 90 degree our hips move well back to maintain balance. It is similar on a bicycle.

Lose weight and do 300 crunches every morning before breakfast. That takes 20-25 minutes. Bike fit will change as fitness improves.

A professional fit might help, but there is no guarantee. Fitters all have their own ideas and biases often based on ideals and in my experience don’t listen very well.

If everything else fails try high set comfort (aka TT/Tri) bars.

@Beth_Klawun - I also have a massage gun, saved me a fortune. Nothing beats a good sports massage but the guns are great for day to day maintenance.