Group ride leader beacon in course profile

Not sure if this feature has been requested, but I think it would be helpful to show the group ride leader beacon in the course profile located in the upper right of the display.  See attached example.


Love this idea, and so simply too.  People off the front of the group wondering where the ride leader is.

I noticed today that it’s already implemented just in a slightly different way. I wonder how long it’s been there, and if it’s too subtle and getting lost behind some of the other graphics.

I think it would be helpful to continue improving the beacon graphic by having it layer on top of the rest of the rider graphics in the profile map.  In the example below you can barely tell a beacon graphic is sitting behind my map symbol in the profile map.  The beacon also quickly disappears when you get in front or behind the leader too far.  It is pretty common for people in group rides to ask where the leader went.  The same goes for communication from the group leader.

Keep up the great work!  I love it!