Greatest London Flat Course

Can the team please add a route that is essentially the Greater London Flat route plus the flat “Richmond Park deer” section.  This would make a much better flat race course on London as Classique gets boring going in circles repreated.  Perhaps an easy add?  Thanks!

+1 for me.

…guess what’s in the next game update?  You even got the name right!

You rock Jon!  Love that you guys follow these boards and are making so much good progress.  Can’t wait for the next update.  Thanks

When talking about flat courses…
A flat Watopia expansion placed so  that with existing roads could give us at a few more flat courses to choose from.
Watopia Flat and Vulcano flat is in need of some company :slight_smile:

Really looking forward to this update!!

Noticed the deer the other day.

Question - are English deer really that big? They looked as big as moose.

Just wondering - where I live deer are smaller.

I didn’t realise the new section was actually meant to be in Richmond Park? 

Some of the adult male deer are pretty big, but the herds are culled to keep the numbers manageable.