Garmin ant+ stick not being recognized

(david lambert) #1

IT is recognizing my computrainer just fine but for some reason my ant+ dongle is not being recognized. I know it is not the hard ware the dongle works fine on other program!

(Lynette Curtiss) #2

I had to add a USB extension to my USB2 dongle to bring it closer to my trainer.

(James Bongard) #3

Haven’t has that problem with Zwift but have with other programs running who “hog” the ant+ stick. Eg. had both Bkool and Virtual Trainer software and both wanted to run in the background and wouldnt let me pair to other programs. Shut them down and then could pair the ant+ stick again.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #4

If you are having a problem with Zwift, first follow Dickson’s advice and make sure it’s USB 2.0. Then James as well. Otherwise, you can follow our FAQ here:–Troubleshoot-Zwift-can-t-find-my-USB-ANT-dongle-