Game Update 1.46 [August 2023]

Hey everyone, quick FYI:

Pack Dynamics 4.1 will be turned on for the remaining worlds Sunday night pacific/early morning Monday UTC and EU.

This means that everywhere else will have it from that point forward.


Thanks for the update @xflintx … appreciate it.

For now, there are plenty of events scheduled in Makuri Islands (ZP is currently showing 114 events over the next 3 days), so I’m sure some of them will fill up nicely to be able to give PD 4.1 a good test before the wider roll out. :+1:

There are already a significant number of events using PD4.1: The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App


Did this issue make the cut/fix list?

Can @DavidP give us a summary of the changes in PD4.1 so we don’t have to read over 500 messages to try and figure out what is going on?

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At a high level, the changes are:

  1. Preventing easy overtake of someone not drafting to reduce the effectiveness of “slingshotting” someone and lower the acceleration.
  2. Dynamic draft coefficient (CdA) changes - Zwifter’s frontal area relative to draft is adjusted depending on the situation, accounting for a) attacking and b) high draft situations
  3. Changes to maximum draft possible and the draft cone - by changing the way the draft cone is calculated in specific situations, we can help the pack feel smoother and more realistic to attain the original goals of PD4.

If you’re looking for specific numerical changes, we aren’t disclosing those. Our changes from PD4 to PD4.1 are actually super small numbers tweaks guided by the main goals David set out in the original post, all coming together to produce the overall feeling we’re looking to achieve when riding in the packs on Zwift. “Small tweaks” are generally something like (and I’m making this up just for an example) changing the effect of headwind on the rider when surrounded by a number of riders by .01 or .1, reducing draft cone size by .025m, etc.


Thank you! I know @DavidP has made some additional changes from when those test events first started 3 months ago.

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Those three main points are directly from the most recent document David sent around internally, so they’re the most up to date. A lot of the changes are numerical, as mentioned, but the overall goals and larger changes to achieve those goals haven’t changed.


How many of those are races with meaningful participation numbers? Last I looked there was nothing useful. Not too relevant anymore though since 4.1 is turning on everywhere at the end of the weekend.

Just need the auto brake removed from 4.1 now.

@Gordon_Rhino-Racing Sorry if I’ve missed the thread on this elsewhere, but could you please explain this one a bit more or point me to another thread where it’s described? Just wanted to make sure I correctly understood the issue.


When using camera view 0, if you press the up or down arrow keys to pan around, the action bar will pop up and then subsequent left/right arrows can move along items in the action bar. The panning still works but it’s very annoying.

When in camera view 0, the action bar shouldn’t popup at all.


Thanks! We’ll follow up on this.


Where is Zwift Play for those of us not in the US ,UK or EU? We’ve all paid for its development and upgrading but are denied the in-game advantages it affords, particularly for racing.

Can I ask what the new results screen looks like?

As Arend says i use camera zero often for fan view it gets very annoying :rofl:

Hi @Craig_D_Mart
It was shared on the Zwift Insider article from the previous 1.45 update… as it was rolled out to a limited batch of users at that point. Take a look, there is a screenshot from Eric’s ride in the article.

Ah. Where is the points standings for points races?

what points races? :laughing:

Are you referring to Zwift Racing Score?

If so, that’s a ways out to add it to results as we have some prerequisite work to do before we show Racing Score changes in the in-game results. Currently, we’re working on changing the scoring mechanism based on feedback from our soft launch post for July as the biggest piece of necessary work. We also need to make a few more design updates to other places where you can see results like ZC, web, etc.

So, it’s in process, but not here yet.

This results screen is also meant to work for any race, not just races with Racing Score enabled.

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