Game Update 1.33 [January 2023]

Custom Workouts STILL aren’t syncing properly and Zwift is still completely ignoring User space on ATVs!

Zwift will combine the Custom Workouts from each user of the ATV then carry all those Custom Workouts into the ZwiftCloudFromHELL where they can never be deleted and also infect your Zwift installation on your Windows PC.

It’s a complete disaster and has been since the updates last fall!

Give your ATV a try with multiple ATV users and Custom Workouts - total effing disaster.

@Nigel_Tufnel Excellent point! I’ll keep the normal XP accumulation. Just more motivation to run :smiley:

Just updated now wahoo kickr wont calibrate and erg mode wont work. Deleted and reinstalled companion app and windows app on pc. Still wont work. I was able to calibrate through wahoo app so not the trainer.


Perhaps a bug but you should always calibrate in the Wahoo app. No need to calibrate in Zwift if you can use the manufacturer’s app.

We have several reports of Drops not accumulating. If you came here to report this issue, pleas join us on this other thread

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4.9 million

I did but turned it on durring a workout from zwift companion

Thanks for the upbeat message. I love racing myself on holo replay. I think it adds another dimension for how to engage with the app. I tend to do either racing or robo pacer rides, but now and especially with routes open to holo replay efforts, I plan to do more multi-lap interval type workouts on rolling terrain to work on doling out an effort, which is super important in things like IRL MTB racing.


This happens to me also on ATV. When I finish a workout it’s like ERG mode is still on until I end the session. If I remember I’ll manually turn ERG mode off before the workout ends if I’m planning to free ride for a while.


Same here Richard. At least I know this is a known issue now and just not isolated to me

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I’ve experienced the same bug: after being done with an erg workout on Apple TV, you are stuck at that last erg power level when you start anything else afterwards (typically before shutting down Zwift but I’ve even had it when starting Zwift the following day)

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Months have passed… the promised fix for the notable moments photos overriding user settings STILL has not been repaired. Users need to manage hard drive space for hundreds of downloaded photos that have not bern asked for from Zwift. When will this be fixed?

The user settings are a core function of the product. They should work as described. Radio silence from Zwift since the original acknowledgment… Disappointing…


2 posts were merged into an existing topic: Drops counter stalling and frozen pedestrians [Jan 2023] [1.33]

Thank you, @Richard_Barnhill, this device info is helpful. In particular, the ANT+ info.

I have just verified ERG mode working in the “Emily’s Short Mix” workout on both PC and Mac. But that was using Bluetooth connections (both Native BLE and with using the Zwift Companion BLE Bridge).

I’ll switch to ANT+ and report back.


Haven’t tried ERG yet, but it appeared that road feel wasn’t working in my ride after the update. Was on the cobbles of the Champs and didn’t feel anything. Verified that the feature is turned on. Anyone else?

Neo 2T; current firmware. Connected through Ant+ running on Win10-based PC.

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60 Million.

Lets’ see. 114 days since Holoreplays launched. Average ride distance in 2022 is 28.5km. Total ride distance in 2022 is 1.341 billion kms so the total rides would be around 47,073,868. Avg distance and total ride distance taken from a Zwift facebook page about 2022 stats.

Now we start guestimating things. Straight adjusting for 114 days that’s 14,702,523 rides but I’m going to round that up to an even 20,000,000 because it’s peak season so things are a lot busier now.

Let’s say there’s an average of 3 segments per ride (the most popular route is Tempus Fugit and riding 28.5km on that route you will pass through 3 segments). 20 million rides times 3 segments per ride makes my guess 60 million HoloReplays.


During my SST workout tonight, I was on Tempis Fugit, so not a ton of elevation, but I could “feel” the little bump on the middle of the desert and the power responded, so I think the trainer is working properly. Also, my output and HR relative to that output felt right.

I just ran the update and did TDZ stage 5. It’s like the trainer difficulty had set to 0. I was spinning out uphill and having to push really hard downhill. Checked settings, apparently set to the usual 50%. Shut down and went back in. Still not right. Anyone else got this problem?

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