Game Releases to begin on Tuesdays [November 2023]

Hi Zwifters,

Starting with the November 2023 game updates (version 1.52 and beyond), we’re shifting our phased release schedule to begin on Tuesdays (in most time zones) and ending on Thursdays, rather than the Wednesday through Friday schedule you’ve become accustomed to.

We’re aware that Tuesdays are busy with many popular events, and remind everyone to allow ample time to log in and update.

This is also a reminder to use the Defer Update feature in Zwift Launcher app v 1.1.10 if you want to delay a game update until after you’re done Zwifting.

  • If you’re Zwifting on a Windows or macOS computer - please be sure you’re using the Zwift Launcher app version 1.1.10. Here’s how to check.
  • If you’re using Launcher v 1.1.9 or older, please download the latest version here.
  • If you’re using iOS / Apple TV / Android - these OS platforms allow you to disable automatic app updates. Please remember to manually update if you choose this route

Launcher v 1.1.10 was introduced in August 2023, and your PC or Mac should have been updated to use it if you’ve been Zwifting since then. If you’ve been on a longer break from Zwift - welcome back, and we ask that you give the Defer Update feature a try to become familiar with it.


That link doesn’t work. I suppose there’s an s missing in there. Try this instead: Working link.

Is the release cadence being changed along with this? If sticking to the 2-week cycle 1.52 should’ve been out already.

No, 1.52 would be on Tuesday of next week.

Tuesday of next week will be 20 days after the release of 1.51.

Game update 1.51 rolled out on October 25th so the usual 2 weeks (14 days) update frequency would take us to 8th November … but going by the new schedule, update 1.52 should start to roll out from 7th November. :+1:


The date published is wrong for the 1.51 thread - I believe that is the day that the draft post was created, not published.

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The release notes post says 14 days ago but that must’ve been when it was drafted up but not actually posted to the forums, which was only 8 days ago (you were the first to reply to that post).

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Exactly as Oliver points out. If you look at the very first person to reply, yourself on this occasion, you will notice the entry was 8 days ago.


Whoops, that’s what I get for going off of Shooj’s post date. Not the first time they’ve created a post a week in advance.


Really a terrible idea. You roll them out at a time when you have ZRL races and some of most users online. Why not wait until Weds?

Last night ZRL was a disaster with N.Valid errors and loads of races impacted. Zwift should review this decision ASAP

This would’ve been real fun for races like the ZRL that time you rolled out a change in rolling resistance - meaning everyone with the update were way faster on gravel and if you hadn’t received the update yet you simply would not have a chance to compete.

ZRL didn’t use a route where the rolling resistance was changed between releases on the week of that release.

It had a profound effect on group rides that go through the jungle. Not everyone had the update.

That’s why it was a hypothetical. It might as well have been. A good number of events were affected by that particular update.Which is insane, frankly. Changes to physics should never happen in a way that makes it possible for users to ride together under different rules.