FTP Test with NON smart trainer

(Alex Salas) #1


I did the 1 hour FTP test with my Elite Crono Force trainer.

I did the first steps with resistance Level 3, as ever. But my answer is if i have to change resistance to level 1 when riding the 20 minutes FTP final test.

I read that smart trainers disables ERG at this zone and I want to know if i have to disable resistance this 20 minutes.





(Matt Canna) #2

No you dont have to change your trainer for the 20 min effort.  ERG is only for smart trainers. 

ERG is a setting that keeps your power at a certian level by changing the resistance based upon rear wheel speed.


The only thing for the 20 min effort to keep in mind is to go at your pace, do not look at estimated wattage and try and keep it there.

for the first min of the 20 min effort ramp to your most attainable wattage, for this it is best to have a hrm(heart rate strap) when your in threshold maintain this wattage for the 20, if you feel like there is more to give the final 2 mins you may try to ramp up.

Ftp = avg wattage for the 20 min effort X 95%