FTP builder beginners training

I am following the six weeks FTO builder beginners program. I find it pretty good. What would be my FTP after completing the program? Around what number? Thanks.

There is no answer for you since the plan doesn’t give everyone a 10W, 20W, etc bump after completion. Additionally, how well your body adapts to the training stress and your nutrition play a role in muscle development and thusly an increase in FTP

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There gotta be a rough range since it is a plan designed for beginners, meaning intermediate or advance would find it easy or not hard at least. So after this training one must land around some ftp number. No?

No. Cause I may end the program with an FTP of 250 but started at say 200 (just making numbers up). But if your base FTP (before any training) was 150 there is no way your ending FTP would be the same as mine in the example above.

Additionally, FTP alone doesn’t say much. A 100kg person with an FTP of 250 is only able to put out 2.5w/kg. Whereas if a 50kg person had a 250 FTP they can produce 5w/kg. Point of this example is to say that just looking at one number doesn’t give you any meaningful information.

Everyone is different and some people are just more naturally inclined to gain muscle then others. As long as your FTP increases from your starting point you gained something. The whole point of Zwift and/or exercising is bettering yourself, not hitting some magic number.

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So, someone who starts with a 250 could actually benefit from a Beginner ftp built training?

Yes. Beginner does not mean low, just means beginner to cycling. If you haven’t been cycling for a long time and don’t have many hours on the saddle I’d stick with the beginner program then work your way up to higher training levels.

Beginner does mean low, but it’s about cumulative training load, not the individual workouts. The workouts are set around your FTP so they are equally hard regardless, but if you have enough of a base (some of which can just be general aerobic fitness, but some things like the literal hours on the saddle are indeed cycling-specific), you could have achieved greater gains with a harder plan.

If in doubt, start with a beginner plan and see how it feels after a month or so.

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