Force Comp. app to "Game"mode

Is there a way to force the Companion app to the "game"mode.

Sometimes when Zwifting the app remains in the normal app mode, it won’t pick up that I’m Zwifting so I don’t get the map and so on, can’t give Ride-ons and can’t interact with follow racers.

app version 3.51.0(1643)
Android version 13

If it sometimes works and sometimes does not, that means the device running Companion is having problems reaching the device running the game on your local network. This is often caused by problems with your WiFi signal, or the phone switching between WiFi and cellular data. Try putting the phone in airplane mode and then enabling WiFi, so it can’t use the cellular data network. If you have poor WiFi signal in your training location you’ll also have to fix that.

I’ve got the Comp app on a tablet with only wifi, and the wifi is good (router 2m away). So connection shouldn’t be the problem.

Thats why I hoped you clould force it to the Game-mode.