First ride, some comments

Did my first ride yesterday, some comments:

* I ran out of harddrive space during install and Zwift crashed before fully done. I would expect it to fail gracefully. (After some clean up it installed nicely on the second try.) I have logs if you are interested, where to send?
* The FPS is really low. I estimate somewhere between 4-7 frames/second. I have a barebone Intel H61-desktop computer so I expect it to be slow with graphics, but as an example I get 38-40 frames/second with Quake Live. CPU and Network load was minimal during the ride so graphics was the bottleneck.

Feature request
* Somewhere to put my body weight in and that the virtual speed depends not only on pure watts but watt/kg(+air-resistance).

Quake is pretty ancient compared to most games released in the last two years. It sounds like your PC might just meet the min req. Try adjusting your graphics cards settings for full on performance mode and give the fans a thorough cleaning to eliminate the possibility of heat throttling GPU. What are your full system specs in regards to CPU/GPU/RAM etc?

Thanks for the report about the hard drive space issue! We were actually just looking at that, so it’s good to know that things aren’t working as intended there.

Also, Allan’s suggestions for your graphics card are good. I’d just also suggest trying to update your graphics driver if you haven’t already. =)

Ride on!

System specs:

~Three year old Asus P6P8H61E barebone with
Intel i5-2310 @ 2.9GHz
Intel H61-motherboard (i.e. integrated graphics)
1920*1200 @ 60hz HDMI-display
50/12 Mbps network
Win 7 with all updates

The comparison with Quake Live (note, not the original Quake :slight_smile: ) is more of the kind of “it looks at least as advanced when it comes to graphics” which makes a 10x-difference with FPS interesting. I’m not complaining though, I know my graphics specs are low, just want to give feedback and possibly help out if this is an issue or not. Note also that this issue (very low FPS) is not only during rides but also during log-in/settings etc.

Two new issues (tell me if you want them in separate issue reports)
* Changing width/hight ratio for e.g. the settings window (possibly other windows) doesn’t affect the presentation, i.e. text and buttons starts looking quite strange.
* I need to re-pair my devices at after sign-up, they are not remembered by Zwift.

My first two rides have gone very well. I did experience loss of bluetooth connectivity for a period of time during my initial FTP test but during a longer ride on Mountain 8 course it went smoothly. Of note I was using WiFi on the first ride (FTP) and cellular connection on the second.

i have been unsuccessful getting sound to come through my Bluetooth earbuds. There is no option in Zwift to pair those, only in the native iPad settings. Once I unpair the earbuds from iPad I can hear sound through the iPad speakers. Not ideal but workable. 

Please don’t post in old threads, especially since this is iOS feedback which should go here. Thanks!