Fast is Flat

Why are 1/2 the Fast is Flat events set up as a race and the other 1/2 as a Fondo?
The “Race events” are every other hour and alternating with the “Fondo” events.

They seem to be the same.
Neither is mass start with the groups leaving 1 minute apart.

Is there a benefit to doing one or another?

are you talking about the Stage 1 | Ride | Tour de Zwift 2024? you know there not same thing. @Tim_Camden_C

@Bath_Salts - He is talking about ZRacing Monthly Series, Stage 1. Has nothing to do with TdZ.

@Tim_Camden_C - my ZCA (Android) shows all as races, Zwifthacks too?

Yes, it’s the ZR race series.
It doesn’t seem to be repeating that behavior this AM using the ZCA.
It looks like during peak hours, they are scheduled hourly and they seem to all be races.

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