error message

hi, downloaded program a couple of times but keep getting error message “cannot find required data files”. Can you help.

Thanks Andy

Hi Andrew,

Please submit a support ticket and include all the log files from your Documents\Zwift\Logs folder. That will let us track the issue better.


I am getting the exact same message on my PC dedicated for Zwift.  

We have a new installer out, actually. Can you uninstall and try it with again by downloading the latest from our website?

I downloaded the app today Eric. Thus, I would assume it is the most recent/latest version?

I got the same error. In the log/log they say 

unable to load texture file Environment/structures/…


unable to load texture file Environment/Buildings/…

And these folders are missing. In /programs/zwift/assets/environment there are only ./road and ./SkyDome.

Installer downloaded yesterday. Today’s update. Win7 64bit german, NTFS.


I try to install it on an external FAT-drive. Probably it helps.