Error code z117 at line 602 and Vodafone

Hello everyone, I recently changed my TIM adsl with FWA Vodafone. A zwift update came out that I can’t install. I uninstalled zwift, deleted the zwift folder in documents and then reinstalled zwift. After half an hour of writing update, I get an error with the following message: " update failed during patching. Error code: Z117 at Line 602 in Patcher.cpp. I’ve read around that it happened to others with the Vodafone provider. Everyone they solved it by connecting to a fixed ADSL line. But I have a fixed PC and I can’t connect to another ADSL line. I also have Vodafone as a mobile line. Does anyone know how to solve this?

Hi @Stefano_Moser1

The usual issues with error Z117 are noted on our Support Hub. Please read through that and try suggestions.

If files were corrupted during the download for whatever reason, it’s possible that those are preventing the installation from running smoothly. If the things in the first article do not help - you may need to thoroughly delete everything Zwift-related on your hard drive and do a clean re-installation. Instructions for that are here.

Please pay attention to the steps where you move your Personal Best and custom workout files somewhere safe before you delete everything else.

the problem was related to my Vodafone line. As suggested by zwift support i copied the contents of the download/zwift folder into the program(x86)/zwift folder. Now the program starts without updates but as soon as I get to the login screen the app crashes and takes me back to the desktop without giving any errors.