ERG Mode not working

(Bill Penney) #1

 I have a CycleOps Magnus and when I do a workout, the resistance does not change based on the expected watts. For instance, the warm up starts me at 100 watts, the workout then has me doing 6x175 watts for seven minutes. When it jumps to 175 watts, I would expect the resistance to change. However it does not, it remains the same as the 100 watts. Does anyone have any suggestions on what the problem or solution could be?


Hey Bill, 

Make sure your firmware is up to date on the magnus. I think that would be in their app. 

I have heard ppl having power reading issues with the dongle cord placement and length of the cord.

Discussion of that was here:

Take a look at the thread. Hope your issue gets solved!


(Bill Penney) #3

It turns out that this was user error with me not understanding how ERG mode works. During the workouts as I was coming up to a wattage change I would increase or decrease my cadence to try to achieve the particular wattage. By doing this my cadence was always in a state of flux or to high. This would cause ERG mode to either be confused and not engage or set the resistance low because of high rpm’s.