Dropping signal Turbo Muin with Misuro+

(Arthur Costerus) #1

Yesterday evening 08 Sept '15 I experienced a nasty drop of Power signal from the Misuro+ sensor. I ride with a Hartrate sensor (Mio Fuse) and a garmin cadence sensor combined with the Misuro+ (I use the Misuro for “Power” and speed only).

Both hart rate and cadence did not drop out. While riding the Power just went to 0 for 15 seconds to 30 seconds (approc.) resulting in my avatar stopping. after a short period it went back to showing me my power and starting my avatar again.

I moved the Misuro sensor more from the sensor (magnet) and more to the sensor (magnet) which made no difference.

I did not experience any drop-outs before

Anyone else seen this?



(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi Arthur,

Did this happen only the one time or is it happening more frequently?

(Arthur Costerus) #3

Hi Eric,

During last nights ride it occurred several times. I think some 10 times within a 50 minutes ride.

Before last nights ride I can not recall this has happened before.

(Robert Lyons) #4

I started experiencing power drop-outs on my Kickr after the most recent 9/1 update.  Everything was working great prior to that.  I opened a ticket and submitted my most recent log files.   No word back yet.