Cycling Podcast Ep. 28 - Marginal Gains

Hey guys,

Hope you enjoyed the recent podcast on marginal gains, with Josh Poertner - I personally found it fascinating! More to come from Josh in pt.2.

Marginal gains is a concept we can apply to all walks of life. How can we do a few little things better / more efficiently, with the view to a better final outcome (doing more, faster, cheaper, less effort, etc.).

Making it as easy as possible for you to train - i.e. being organised. Laying your cycling shoes out next to your turbo, and having your bib shorts, socks and heart rate monitor laid next to your bed for when that 5am alarm goes off. All great examples of being organised, to help reduce those barriers to getting your training done.

You could call this a marginal gain - it’s an effort you make, to ensure you stand the best chance of getting your training done.

For me, being organised is critical.

What are your thoughts on those marginal gains? They don’t have to be physical!

Ride On!



100%, marginal gains are worth it.

I have a race car and a happy/lucky/money cat that waves it’s arm arm at 90 rpm in my field of view and they pay dividends. I can never keep up with the cat.


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You should set the cat to 100rpm…

If I could I would. :slight_smile:

I enjoyed Ep. 28. Great stories from Joshua and I now have the word nocebo in my vocab.

Without a doubt Zwift has been a great placebo for me. With nothing more than a different reality presented to me visually, it has transformed my workouts. I definitely push harder indoors with Zwift than I would otherwise.