Cycling gear

Today on my bike got me wondering if other people wear cycling gear while zwifting?

I started off wearing my gym kit, normal shorts/T and normal running trainers. I thought why would anyone wear proper cycling gear for the garage.

Today I had my SPDs on and cycling T-shirt and I produced less sweat + I’d never have done the Watopia hills in my running trainers…

Is it normal to kit out like you would on the road but in your garage? I’m doing what I thought others would be crazy doing :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I definitely wear my regular cycling bibs while riding Zwift, and quite often a regular cycling jersey. If the ride/workout is going to be more intense I may swap the jersey for a base layer or perhaps just no top. And, of course, I always try to keep a few towels handy, plus a couple of headbands.

Kit up. I even wear gloves and a cap to soak up the sweat. Cycling shoes and socks and of course bibs and jersey. I draw the line at glasses and helmet though.

Otherwise your selfies will just look wrong, am I right? :sweat_smile:


I didn’t think about gloves.

Was really happy with my time this morning but I couldn’t hit the end run bottom because the sweat kept dripping onto my laptop trackpad, I literally lost about a minute on my time trying to end the run :rofl:

Gloves tomorrow…

Cycling shorts, I prefer them over the bibs for indoor. Running tank top. Cycling shoes and socks. Gloves and a head band.

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Definitely bibs and shoes. I typically use an athletic t-shirt (dri-fit, or similar), but anything that helps to wick and evaporate moisture is a good idea. I drape a hand towel over my stem and top tube, too.

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Bibs or shorts, which ever is clean and available! Gloves for sure to help trap the perspiration. Jersey…why not? Makes it easier to transport my phone and all the water/snacks into the cave with those pockets. Headband. I put a piece of electrical tape to cover my stem bolt/screw. I found putting my towel over it got in the way, especially because of the way my iPhone is mounted on my bars. Prescription Oakley glasses…clear, since I can’t see so well any more :+1:t3: