Custom Workouts

It would be great to be able to set up your own interval workouts for whatever personal goals you’re trying to achieve. I only saw pre-made workouts available

This is planned. It is coming. Just not available yet.

Approximately when will it will be available?

Any idea when this would be available. I have far more structured days than unstructured days. Would really like to be able to use Zwift for both. Would also be nice to pay for one service.

I hope its coming soon as well but I want them to take the time to get it right.

I use Garmin’s workout builder to create structured workouts and the interface is clunky but it gets the job done. I hope Zwift can do better.

Anyone have any workout builder interfaces/experiences they think are just what Zwift should be mimicking?

Sign me up for custom workouts too

One feature I’d certainly like is the ability to insert custom messages at any point in the workout, a bit like TrainerRoad does. I’ve tried doing this in PerfPro in the past but was unsuccessful (and hence I never bought their product).

TrainerRoad has (just about) nailed the custom workout interface…