Current Altitude

I am sure I have asked this before. But you sneaky peeps have deleted it without telling me. And paranoid people have enemies too…

Please give a bit of primary real estate on the main screen to “Current altitude”. When you are riding in the mountains, its the one number you want to be accurate. When you are racing, you can remember the altitude of each summit and all you need is your current altitude.

Ask around the office - whenever you ride in the high mountains, what number do you look at most. Always current altitude.

Cumulative climbing is also useful, but current altitude is better. Jus sayin.

Go on.

Hey Steven, no worries we didn’t delete anything on purpose! When we migrated to our new forums home, some topics were inadvertently lost. We do have an archive of another topic that suggested this as well

Thanks for writing in and giving us a heads up!