Coffee Breaks could do with an overhaul

The bug they do need to look into has happened to me twice, both in group rides (TdZ). The first I used the CB just because it was a weird moment and I wanted to see what would happen, the second was when I thought I was getting a power dropout (wasn’t) and I hit the CB out of frustration.

1st Event: Climbing up Box/Leith/Keith/Whatever hill in the London TdZ stage, havin’ a bad time, lol. Nobody around me for dozens of meters at least–no one visible up ahead (curve in the road) and nearest rider behind over 10sec back, iirc. But the CB button lit up for some reason, with no one nearby. So I shrugged and hit it, just to see what would happen. Shot up the road, 40-50kph, honestly not sure of the speed because I scrambled to turn the thing off and wasn’t looking too closely. Just about caught the group ahead of me who had dropped me. (They dropped me again, no worries.)

2nd Event: Scotland, having power dropout problems (currently trying to deal with those with maybe some success). Got dropped by the bunch, TTed my way back to a smaller bunch on the way back up towards Glasgow, left side of the map. ‘My’ bunch was still up ahead. So with 3-4 people, and I thought I was getting another power dropout, so I hit the CB button. And again shot up the road, leaving those people behind, and hitting the bunch up ahead in seconds, before I could turn it off again.

I’ve seen the vids where two people CB to each other and tear *** up the road, but this was just me, by myself, no one else using CB. No vids of it happening, because both surprised me so much.

must have been a triple espresso

On the Everything Bagel TdZ ride this afternoon, wouldn’t you know it, on the East Side Skyway climb, 2 coffee breaks showed up in the group of about 8 people I was with. I dropped my power to zero, to see if they were latched on to me, but they continued on. I ended up losing my group and riding solo for several miles. Needless to say, that’s the last time I’ll try that…


“You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger.” :smiley:



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That’s not so nice in NY. The only thing that world lacks is gravel sections to complete the horror. :wink:

Hey Zwift, feature suggestion for NY…


Gordon, I was in a 100K group ride and twice the leader called out inadvance that he/she was going to take a coffe break and to behave. I was in the upper part of the main blob holding pace when the leader and several others on a coffee break ever so slowly worked their way thru the blob nearly dropping everyone in the main blob. I basically had to increase my wkg by 1.0+ for x minutes just to stay with the cofee breakers. I don’t think it was intended but the pace picked up significantly due to the the coffe break option. It happened the same way both times. LOL, just another to stay focused…

yeah if it’s doing that it’s not right but in general the idea of coffee break i have no issues with if it works right.

There is some strange stuff it used to (and still does i think) if a group all use it at the same time the speeds go crazy high to impossible levels.

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That’s not possible anymore, they capped the max speed for folks on a mass coffee break, at 60 kph I think.

Actually I guess I should say it’s not supposed to be possible anymore! The folks I know who have tried it since the fix have not been able to make it happen.

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As I understand it though, all it would take would one of those people to be putting in just a touch too much power right at the moment of the CB, right? If you and I decide to both do a CB, and without trying right as you hit the button I surge just a little bit, like in the normal case of pedaling, wouldn’t it be possible that you end up CBed to that power, as opposed to the average power I was doing over the previous minute?

That could easily be enough to do what Steven describes, I’d think.

Well Coffee Breaks were my idea, sorry to all those tgat think they are bring abused. I cant help that, people will be people .
I was doing the TDZ last week and actually had 2 x people CB attach to me on the hills. I thought that’s a cheek.
I could have stopped , slowed or speed up.
In the end I just carried on as normal and suffered whilst carrying 2 passengers .
I achieved my aim of a decent ride, do you think they did a decent ride? :thinking:
Do I care. Not really.
Once again I am sorry for having it abused. :neutral_face:

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I experimented with this situation, or a similar one, today during a ToZ ride.
I was doing a zone 2 rides and 3/4 of the way in, I was at the back 10%.
I was with another rider doing about 15 mph.
He hit his Coffee break and I decided to hit mine to see would happen.
We must have crossed Proton streams and created worm hole because we suddenly accelerated to 30 mph.

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“You said crossing the streams was bad:smiley:

Mostly I think the coffee breaks flip between super handy and very funny, I’d have been having a laugh if you two had shot past me that way.

As opposed to the racey ride the other day, where a guy in our bunch started having connection problems, disappearing and reappearing, and then suddenly disappeared and reappeared 9 seconds up the road :confused: I’ll take Coffee Break boosters all day over that, lol.

Maybe some kind of feedback loop? Hard to guess what’s going on under the covers

I rode TdZ Spiral into the Volcano yesterday. Coming off a cold a few days earlier, it was going to be a challenge, since I hadn’t eaten much. When the timer hit zero, I had no resistance and the avatar wouldn’t move. About a minute and a half later, I solved that, but now I’m in very last place. I picked up over 130 spots ( out of over 500 participants ), and was whooped. Just past the downtown banner, I was in a group of about 30 people. I hit the coffee break, and wouldn’t you know it - I latched onto a guy our group was passing, and got dropped from my group.
I think that was better for me, given I was still recovering from a cold. I got picked up by another group, and it was an easier pace anyway.
But still…dang my luck.

They should just go ahead and animate the avatars to reach out and grab the jersey of the person they’re CBing to :laughing: That way you’ll know right away who it is.

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i note the community’s strange affinity for abbreviating things like this, and that “CB” sounds far too close to “CBT” for it to not be incredibly funny to me, and that i’ve always enjoyed pace partner discussions for the same reasons. They have big PP energy

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To be fair, I think drinking coffee is a form of CBT :stuck_out_tongue:

Love riding solo, in fact 90%+ of all my rides are solo :joy::joy::joy:

Someone has been listening…

Coffee Stop and late join will not be enabled for the prologue rides or the gran fondo events.

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