Club or Clan Tags

To make it easier to find or identify riders that are a part of your local cycling club, Zwifters should be able to add a clan tag to their names within Zwift.

This is a pretty common feature for other online games and helps in allowing a group, club or clan to play or Ride together.

Moved to Feature Request.

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The way we do it now is the way we gamers did it 20+ years ago. e.g. I have [DIRT] in my name in Zwift, and in Quake 2 I was [TJD]Rico.

I would expect exactly this type of thing to be part of the Club system that’s just started being rolled out as a limited beta.


I did the same. But some of the older non-gamer folks in my club that Zwift have no clue.

Hopefully this is a part of the club feature, but a lot of the more modern games (Destiny) make the clan tag a more formal field in the profile.

A rider can be in multiple clubs though, so having a profile field is only marginally better.

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