Clean up the companion app buttons

The man is trying to keep us down, and actually push something useful forward so I’m bringing it back. Let’s make it an either or this time. Allow us to rearrange the buttons in the order that we wish or get ride of the fluff buttons so that the functional ones can be easily accessible.

If they made it infinite scrolling that’d help, so you could scroll left as well as right from the starting position.

Should be easy enough to do too

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The OG thread can be found here: Companion App UI cleanup: DELETE BUTTONS

Well… “The Man” is me - the person who created the original thread - and I REQUESTED that one be locked because people were spam-bumping it.

I don’t think there’s a need to highlight this issue any more given I tagged the CEO in my final reply.


Welcome back. Thank you for bringing your invaluable input to the community!