Clarify Event tags for PD 4/4.1

There are many events now with “Pack Dynamics V4” and “Pack Dynamics 4.1”. I even found an event with both of these tags on it. This is confusing. Are the Pack Dynamics V4 events on the old dynamics? I want to ride events to get a feel for the new dynamics but i don’t know what to join now because these tags are confusing.

I believe everything is on the new PD 4.1 now with no way to have the older versions of PD active for specific events (correct me if I’m wrong @DavidP @James_Zwift)

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Yeah, PD4.1 went Zwift-wide on Monday just gone I believe.

I understand it rolled out in open worlds - Prior to rollout the 4.1 tag indicated that event had a different dynamics applied. So my question is does the V4 tag now indicate it has the old dynamics in that event?

No, the tags are out of date.

That’s correct. Both Pack Dynamics v4 and Double draft tags are deprecated and have no effect now.