Cheapest GPU to run in best/ultra quality mode?

I had a Geforce 405 which ran the game - albeit at around 10FPS which was very choppy and made it unusable.

I found a Geforce 8800 GT at work and that runs much more smoothly in terms of frame rate, but lacks the finesse I’ve seen from some videos on YouTube.

Which GPU would is the cheapest to get hold of that will playback at Ultra quality (I’m assuming 2GB min onboard)


Can’t say for sure but my best guesstimate would be at least a GTX 970 or greater with 4gb mem in the card. I think Jon has a setup with a GTX 980 or something insane.

Jon says:

The “premium” experience would be an i7 and a GTX980, but an i5 with a GTX 960 is probably a much more affordable close runner up.
Re: the 960, I just added it to our recognized cards list so it’ll be bumped up from 720p to 1080p when the next update goes live. Full HD!

So unless you manually edit some config files and know your cards limits it looks like you’ll also have to use a card that’s “recognized” by the software.

I recently purchased a GTX 960 ($206.00 on Amazon) and it runs in ‘ultra’ mode within Zwift which translates to 1080p at 60 fps. Graphics are really quite excellent.

Hmm. I’ll keep an eye on anyone selling a used upper end GTX card then.


would like to know as well.

CPU doesn’t matter much at all, it’s all about the graphics card. I’ve run this on an i7, i5 and even a core 2 duo testing an R9 270, R9 280 and an HD 6750. I didn’t notice any performance differences between the CPU’s (it was perfectly smooth across the board - with Foobar running too). It did look better on the R9’s, but in the end I am just going to run this on my Garage PC which will be the core2 duo with HD6750.