Change RP Order

Can WW, TT, TF, and 3FL been re-ordered within the rotation to every other week? Increases the probability of a long steady endurance route. I typically ride with Coco, Yumi, or Jacques. With those routes being back to back, there are 6 great weeks to ride and then I have to scramble each week until WW rotates to Jacques. It is a waste with them being back to back.

For Events: be aware that if you are scheduling long steady endurance in the 2.5 to 3.2 range to select WW, TT, TF, or 3FL when not offered via RoboPacers, it is opportune to attract riders to your Event.

What about Makuri if Watopia is ‘lumpy’?

Bonus being that it’s usually a handful of watts easier in Makuri because of the smaller blob sizes.

I opt for Makuri sometimes when the long steady endurance routes are not an option in Watopia.

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It would be nice if there was more variety of routes and that the RPs would venture onto the mountainous routes featuring the EPIC KOM and radio tower.

And the routes should change daily to give more variety.

I prefer the current RP routine, requesting a deliberate sequence.

This sounds a lot like a request for the robots to ride a constant pace on all terrain.