Cannot start Zwift App randomly

(Stephane Lalbin (C)) #1

Hi guys,

I’m having troubles since a few weeks. When I start the App, it crashes, with the message “zwiftapp.exe stopped working”.

Sometimes it works after I re-start the computer.

I read the troubleshooting posts and I would like to know how to find the crash log in order to provide it with this ticket.

I found txt files named “ComputerSpecs”; “Launcher_log” and “Log(old*)”, but no “Crash_log”.

Thanks for your help.


(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi Stephane,

Those are the logs you need. The Crash_Log is only for Macs. Just submit all of the files located in your logs folder into a ticket and that’ll help us out a lot.


(Stephane Lalbin (C)) #3

Thank you for the answer.

I’ll open a new one.