Cannot enter climb portal [October 2023]

On 2 October 2023 the climb portal was working fine. I could select the climb portal route from the home screen, and after the short lead in, I was on the climb portal for Coll d’Ordino.

Today, 3 October 2023, I cannot enter the climb portal. I select the climb portal route, and when I approach the intersection, my avatar doesn’t turn, nor does a turn selection pop up ever appear. I also tried free riding in both Watopia and France without the turn selection pop up working.

Anyone have an idea what’s going on or a possible fix?

The entrance to the portal wasn’t even there for me. I clicked on the Madone route from the start page and ended up circling the volcano for an hour. When I went to the routes page, there was no climb portal in Watopia (but it the Madone was still an option on the home page).

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This issue has been resolved.

So I had to go elsewhere to figure out what the “resolution” is because there’s zero info from @shooj on what that actually entails. Apparently there’s an issue with the climb of the month feature and it won’t be launching until October 16th, so there’s just the Coll d’Ordino today. So no 2x climb portals on the same day.

@Juan_Oeste I have the issue. Do I understand correctly that you haven’t found a solution yet? I browsed the internet, but also haven’t found anything yet.

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