Calculated # of races on ZP profile

On my ZP profile, the tally of my “races” is 372; however, I don’t race often (54x since Dec’17), and ZP appears to be including random group rides in this count. Is there a setting I need to change in order for the actual # of races I have competed to be reflected? Does it matter? Thx

The 372 is alongside races so that is confusing.

The total is made up of, as you say, 54 races along with group or event rides that you have signed up to and group workouts that you again signed up to.

Free riding and individual workouts you do in the Zwift game do not get shown on this ZwiftPower profile page.

Your ZwiftPower race category uses these races, group/event rides and group workouts to decide your race category.

AFAIK this 372 figure can’t be changed to reflect only races. Not something to be worried about other than the possibly poor choice of using the word races.

From your profile main screen, you can at least filter the results to show only your races. Click the ‘Races’ button and it won’t show group rides. (Not the same thing you’re looking for, but maybe helpful.)

I think this is historical - to my recollection, originally only races appeared on ZP, and only races were used in the 95% of 20min calculation - then this was changed to include group rides, first to record them, then to include in that calc.

You can get the total number of races out of ZwiftPower by selecting the “races” filter and it will show at the bottom of the first page: