BSOD on start of Zwift app

(Ian Montgomery) #1

Starting Zwift seems to be an iffy proposition 75% of the time. It normally squawk’s about not starting properly. Then, today, for the first time, it blue screened my laptop. Yikes! Even the sad face graphic (Windows 8.1) was repeated several times and was scratchy looking, indicating a graphics driver issue? After the reboot, Zwift noticed that it didn’t start properly and asked if I wanted to start anyway and it ran fine.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi Ian,

Three things to try:

  1. Update your graphics driver to the latest available
  2. Re-install Zwift

If neither of these work, please open a support ticket via the link above near your name.

(Ian Montgomery) #3

So far, so good after the reinstall. It only happened the one time, but was quite surprised to see the Windows grumpy face.