Big spin missing headphones [April 06, 2024]

I won headphones. I have the confirmation on the companion app event summary , but can’t see it in the garage under head gear. Anyone have the same issue / solution?

Occasionally, restarting the game will resolve it, however another common cause of lost items (and XP, drops, levels, purchases, etc) is logging into the game on more than one device. If you did that, pick one and delete it from the other. This won’t bring back anything lost but it will prevent it from happening again. If you contact support they have the ability to give you the headphones.

Welcome to Forums @Ray_Brash. Thanks for posting your concern here. It’s Juan from Zwift.

Paul’s suggestions are correct. I encourage you to contact us to look into this, we will be more than glad to help you with the headphones.

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