Avatar skin tone

My avatar’s skin tone is way off from the setting. It appears to have no color at all. If I select the next closet tone it looks ok. I’ve noticed others during a ride that seemed off as well. Is it my system or have others noticed this?

I was wondering what that was all about. I logged on to ride yesterday and although my hair, and clothing were the correct colour the rest of me was completely black and had no facial features. I was passed by some, but not all riders who seemed to have the same issue. I thought it might be the strength of my wifi, but everything else in terms of numbers for the ride seemed fine.

@Gary.Fryett If it happens again, try going into garage / me and re-selecting your normal skin tone.

I tried that intially. When I go to garage/me the only options i’m getting are face type/hair/facial nothing else. A first world problem perhaps but very frustrating

@Gary.Fryett In the head type area, the different heads are slightly different shapes (cheekbones, hairline ?), but they’re also different skin tones:

Bob’s issue in the OP is clearly that he’s dealing with…


…skin tones lol. We all support you, Bob–be proud of your skin tone, whatever it is.

There was definitely some kind of glitch introduced with the last update–plenty of users (myself included) were wearing head-to-toe jet-black leotards at some point or other.

It’s the one in the upper left that was off. The others seemed ok. Just checked this AM and it seems ok. I’ll race it later and see if it holds up.

I had thought we all had on arm and leg warmers. It’s fixed now.