Automatic Ride Names

It is nice that Zwift automatically names rides for you, but they have stopped including the full name of the workout. When you are doing multi-week workout plans, this is frustrating because I have to edit the name and add back in the name of the workout and the week. For example, I like the 10-12 Week FTP Builder. The name I use is “10-12 Week FTP Builder - Week x Day y”. The automatic name only gives you “Day y”. If I wanted to go back and compare all Week x Day y workouts I have done, that would not work because it would show me all “Day y” rides from any workout series I had done and any week. It used to give the full workout name in the automatic name, can we bring it back?

And separately, I don’t need the name of the world that I was riding in. I do not find that useful or informative. But maybe others do.