Assioma, Wahoo and Zwift

Hi, I’m new to this forum and I’m trying to spread news of a problem I have encountered. I’m late to cycling (57) after numerous knee surgeries. I bought - what I consider - the brilliant Assioma Duo Shi pedals to go on my 105 setup on a Giant defy 2021 bike. I also bought a Wahoo Element Bolt. I do all my cycling indoor currently using Zwift and enjoy every minute of it.

Concerned for my knee, I recently discovered that Assioma Data in the form of their ‘IAV Cycling Dynamics’ is not sent to Wahoo as Wahoo do not accept the data. After speaking to both customer services, Assioma said ‘it is up to Wahoo to accept the data in their software, Garmin accept all our data’ - which is true, and Wahoo said 'we will only add it to our software if enough customers ask for it. We operate on a ‘highest demand goes first’. So, how can I get to Assioma users and ask them to ask Wahoo to accept the ‘IAV Cycling Dynamics’? Can this forum serve that purpose? Assioma themselves said they could not do this themselves and I understand why. Also, is there any app out there I can use to see all my pedal data - efficiency, etc. - all in order to protect and improve my knee, before I sell my Wahoo for a Garmin? Sorry that’s so long and thanks for any advice.