Are you absentminded training alone in your pain cave?

(Pierre ¶R Blanchette) #1

I remember about ten years ago, when I was in THE peloton at about km 100 of 160 I started to loose concentration and as the title suggest, be absentminded. Well that day I have been dropped by the group and by the time I realized I was behind, it was too late because it was too fast. Sure I would have been dropped later, say at km 120 or 140 but the did’nt help.

But in a training with Swift, it is difficult for me to stay focused more than five minutes. If I start to loose my concentration than I may get a red “Increase power” message but I don’t see it. And it gets frustrating because I also get “FAILED” messages… How about a buzzer sound to wake up people like me?

Thanks for reading! RideON!

(Danny) #2

Really… cant stay focused for 5 min on Zwift?
Normally, im so engrossed on watching/staying the group, keeping position etc, the time flies, and i havent realized 20-30km’s have gone by.

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(Pierre ¶R Blanchette) #3

Yes, some day it’s like am sleeping. After all it is only a virtual environment where you can go thru another cyclist without any injury…loll