Apple TV (Gen 4) pairing

Hi All,

My set-up is

Tacx Neo T2 (updated with latest firmware)
Apple TV (Gen 4)
Iphone 11 Pro Max
Samsung Q90 TV (75inch)

Please bear with me here - as I am quite new to this Zwift and Tubro trainer world. The issue I am experiencing is that my Apple TV does not seem to be picking up my Tacx Neo T2 trainer even though I see the ZC picking my a signal to my iphone - when I try to search for my trainer either via Power Source or Speed Senor it does not find my trainer - the Trainer is powered on and has the Bluetooth light… so I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

I am aware that the Apple TV can only have 3 bluetooth devices, and one of which is already taken with the remote, so I have ensured that no other device is connected.

I know that the Tacx is communicating, as the Tacx Utility app on my phone sees my trainer without any issues.

I just cannot get this to work… any help or guidance would be appreciated. In the meantime I will keep on searching for a solution on this forum.

Thanks Manny

Make sure that your trainer isn’t already paired to another device, like your phone.

Also be sure your trainer isn’t still connected to the Tacx app.

Thank you so much, looks like that has solved the problem… next step is to work out how I can pair my apple watch, so that it can track heart beat. :slight_smile:

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I kept wondering why I could not pair my Apple Watch when using my Apple TV 4K like I had done before until I realized I was using my Surface Pro before. I am going back to using my Surface for this issue as much I like using the Apple TV remote.

Hi, you’re better off connecting through the Companion App instead of Apple TV, there’s no limit on connections and I find it more stable.

As for the Apple watch, it’s a bit hit and miss and I’m not sure if I’m getting the sequencing correct, sometimes it just won’t connect.

Wow. That’s the first time I’ve seen someone say that they find the Companion connection more reliable than the direct one. Maybe your Apple TV is too far away, or blocked by something?

Wow Steve, nothing’s too far away and nothing’s blocked.

Something is wrong with your Apple TV then.

My setup’s working fine Steve, nothing for you to worry about.