Android Supported Devices (UPDATED: Dec 22, 2019)

Samsung S7Edge works really well with Zwift, found I have had to use it as my Samsung Tab S6 is not working with ZWIFT:sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:

Just purchased the lenovo 10 inch tab 3 which is recommended by zwift to find out that it does not even allow you to download the zwiff app โ€ฆ? Rather cheesed off

Did you verify that itโ€™s this model: Lenovo TAB 3 (TB3 - 850F)

Hi yes confirmed

I ask because I beleive the Lenovo TAB 3 (TB3 - 850F) is an 8in tablet and you say you have a 10in.

Just checked size you are right 8 inches need to sort my measuring.i have downloaded companion app but not the main zwift one rather odd

I wonder if the Tab needs a newer version of Android?

I use iOS devices so I donโ€™t know which version of Android that Zwift needs.

Thanks will try that

No latest software installed back to drawing board

Just tested on Huawei Mediapad T5 10 inch, 4/32GB, WIFI/LTE version, Kirin 659. Works surprisingly well, graphics are smooth, but loading time takes a bit longer compared to the Mediapad M5 Pro. Pretty good for a low cost 10 inch tablet.

Anyone know how it zwift works with Moto g7plus?

THANK YOU! I got the Garmin dual HRM to work! Appreciate the instructions! From Anne M



Hi Vincent, one of the most sold android tablets is the Samsung. Yet, there is still no support for it from Zwift. How do get Zwift to prioritize the support of those devices? Also, on my Samsung S10e, the app still says its in Beta even if its been out for many many months now. When is the app going to be GA?


It says beta if youโ€™ve joined the beta program.

Samsung Tab A 2019 seems like a reasonable choice has BT and ANT+ is there a reason itโ€™s not supported?


I bought the Galaxy Tab A 2019 confident that the specs would be good enough to run Zwift. So silly of Zwift to not support this popular tablet.


Is the huawei m5 lite same as m5 ???

Is not on list my targeting tablets: ASUS ZENPAD 3S 10 Z500M

M5 Lite has lower specifications, especially the CPU. However, I have a T5 lite with mostly the same specifications, and it works quite smoothly. It just takes a little bit longer to load the app

thanks i was going to buy one however my tbs6 has now started to work on zwift with no issues