ADZ - Estimated Completion Time

Suggestion to add “estimated completion time” as part of the switchback countdown on ADZ (would be great for those of us chasing PRs).
Thanks for all of the hard work & can’t wait for Scotland! Billy

That would make it too easy, it’s part of the challenge to work out the pacing.

You can sort of do this to a degree if you pair a Garmin bike computer to your trainer and use it to watch your power averages and w/kg.

Thanks Chris. I appreciate your view but a few of us who’ve been riding it each week have somewhat the opposite take. We view it as similar to a segment on Zwift where you do get the anticipated finish time. For instance, everyone already knows they need to average 3.2 w/kg to break the hour - this request would just be be an added “motivator” to help riders drive strong to the finish line. Ride hard & keep the wheels down!


You can also use the segment timing and power indications for those segments. The timing estimations I’ve found seem to fluctuate way too much to be useful even on relatively short distances…

BTW, I used to almost live on ADZ until I crashed. Used to do once or twice daily. My way was just using the power indications and the segment times if I was going for a PR.

I’m comparing this to the real Alpe D’Huez in Fulgaz (more consistently steep and harder) which doesn’t have any segment timing, you just see the overall climb and progress at the top of the screen and try not to die.

Fulgaz ADZ is harder than Zwift? I’ve only watched the GP Llama reviews etc. / thought they were similar. Zwift version at 100% difficulty setting is challenging enough for me :wink: