Add drone view to tablets to improve TTT experience

As TTTs are more common in WTRL/ZRL, it would be good to enable “drone view” camera on tablets as well.

As far as I know, this currently only works on Windows (and Mac?) so anyone not on those platforms cannot use it. I recently switched to use Android tablet so I am down to using front/rear views for TTT kind of races (or sprint race finishes). See how that would compare to drone view from previous TTT races on Windows - way different experince and ability to see our good or bad formation!

The goal is:

  1. Allow the “camera” button in companion app to also cycle through drone view (would benefit Windows users as well)
  2. Add drone view to Android (and/or other) tablets or phones

Note: I know that there were similar requests here but wanted to make sure the use case of “TTT” and benefit for “keeping formation” is captured well.