Account setting changes

I was look for a way to change my weight on my phone. How do I get access to my personal settings?

On the Zwift Companion App tap on your image on the upper left hand corner, click the pencil in the top right corner and you should be able to edit your weight.

I have no image.

Download and install the Zwift Companion app it is very helpful when riding if you are running the Zwift app on another device.

You can still edit the settings in the Zwift app also.
Click Ride
Click Menu on the bottom left
Under your name on the top click on the Pencil
Change settings and click Save

Awesome I found it thank you. Also this is like the first time I been on the bike since last April. I’m 245 now and that is what I put in for weight if I lower it down to 205 will it be less resistance or is there another option to lower the resistance a little. I went 3 miles yesterday and legs were burnt.

Dropping your weight will only increase your watts per kilogram which will allow you to climb faster.

What trainer are you using? What type of bike?

The trainer is a cyclops m2 bile is a David bernelli. I tried to calibrate to Zwift 4 times yesterday and each time it said it failed.

Ok, it is a direct drive smart trainer.

Open the Zwift app and go into settings and drop the Difficulty Slider all the down to Off.
Here is a good write up on it:

Calibrating can be tricky (some ask for some high speeds/watts), but it could help with the resistance issue.

Also, just stick to the flat routes and there is no reason to compete against anyone or feel you are going too slow, everyone on Zwift is concentrating on their own thing to really have time/care to judge anyone else.

I was just looking for less resistance on the flat type of routes. I tried rouvy this morning and on the flat routes in there it felt as if there was less resistance.

Dropping the difficulty slider to off should resolve the issue with resistance.

I’ll go ahead and try that tonight thank you Paul.

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