Accepted Workout Challenge on Sign In, Joined Race and Was Stuck in Workout Mode

Using IOS app on iPad, latest version.

The GCN workout challenge appeared when I logged into Zwift. I accepted it, figured would do later on in the month.

I joined a KISS race (using the IOS app) and was put in the bullpen. The race started and out I went - but I was in workout/erg mode - the course changes in elevation made no difference etc. The center display seemed to show I was in the KISS race, or at least was showing an end distance of 22 miles or so - I think that only shows up in a race or group ride.

I think when I accepted the GCN challenge it put me in"choose a workout" mode but then it stayed in workout mode when I joined the race? Not sure what happened, but since the GCN challenge was mentioned as new code maybe this is a problem?

Once you accepted the GCN workout challenge the Zwift program assumed you were going to do a work at that time, not at a later time. I think that is what caused the issue. 

Remember you will have to accept the challenge again and complete a workout to be put into the drawing. You will receive am email confirming the completion of the workout and the entry into the contest.