Academy Road Phenotype and value

I appreciate Academy Road and the baseline assessment but have a question, what’s the value… You’ve listed my w/kg and percentage but given me no baseline on what I’m compared against. Is this everyone on Zwift? Everyone who did the baseline test? In my category (for the record I’m a cat D)? This little information would be nice and to me especially knowing how I stack within my category. As for the phenotype, Intercals.ICU lists me as an All Rounder and would love to know why Zwift limited phenotypes to three and if my type is because that was where I was rated the highest percentage wise.
Food for Zwift to think on and maybe provide all of us additional information on. I do appreciate the baselining and comparison and would love to see that as a regular feature on Zwift but it needs additional information couched with it.

You might like if you like those kinds of data and are not yet using it,