3R Endurance Series p/b OTE Sports. Stage 5 Start Time

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I hope this is the right forum to post my question. This question is for 3R Endurance Series organizers.

After switching to daylight saving time a week ago I realized that the start time of stage 5 moved as well. I am in zone 2 group. For me the races used to start at 11:07 EST prior to the time shift. Now stage 5 start time is 12:07 EST. Is the new start time going to remain for the rest of the series or it will be adjusted?

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Their document says “there will be 3 time slots available each week: 09:05am gmt // 16:05pm gmt // 19:30pm gmt”. If they really mean GMT, then the time for you would remain the same for the rest of the series. If they actually mean the time in the UK, then it would change for stages 7 and 8 because British Summer Time starts on the 28th of March, making the time in the UK GMT+1:00 (UTC+01:00).

(Of course, there are no such times as 16:05pm and 19:30pm, so I am not sure how much to trust their usage of “gmt”.)

Thank you for r reply. I guess we would have to watch and adjust…

They have an email (racecontrol3r@gmail.com) so you could ask there.