2hours of my life gone...since zwift huge update...

That last update was huge. Since that Zwift crashes via my wifi TP link TL-Pa211 booster. Before the update all was fine. The wifi works fine through the same link for all other web stuff including films and music downloads etc…yet as soon as I now try to use zwift on exactly thesame  set up it crashes …time and time again…even after re connecting and re pairing every thing at least 10 times. I didnt change anything my end. All that happened is the zwift update now needs way more bandwidth I think and it’s totally messed up my day…why mess with something that isnt broken??? Do we really need more shirts?? Anybody else having same rubbish happening today? Thanks …keep larfing Rolf…this to shall pass…yeah…but i could have ridden 70 miles in the real world while trying to sort out this stuff…  hmmmm…

Upgraded in a matter of seconds for me. I’m using a TP Link setup from my garage.

Yes we needed more avatar customization.

My update was under 15 seconds.  No problems.  I did have windows update the day before that really took some unraveling.  That really made a mess, but the zwift was fine.

Hi Rolf, 

Typically, the problem with a slow update lies on the local level rather than with the size of the update. Are you still having issues? 

Hi guys…I have resolved the issue finally after a LOT of ‘working the problem’. Please forgive my frustration above, apologies. The issue occurred directly after the update which took forever to finish, hence I assumed it was the cause. This is what happened> The TC Link unpaired, so I re Paired it. It worked then kept crashing. I removed all extension cables from any sockets on that circuit, same issue. The router was fine, I restarted that , same issues. I checked the power supply, same issues, I checked all cables, same issues. The wi fi worked ok in next room direct to router wifi (no tp link). There is a tiny almost invisable raised ‘button’ on the TP link itself (not the pair butten or reset), which after googling this stuff I learned was what the TP link needs pushing to ‘clone’ the router. Obviously this was done when the TP link was set up a year or so back but I’d forgotten, and it’s not something that’s immediatly obvious at all. This re ‘cloned’ the TP link, and re paired them. So far so good and can ride again. So, although my orional post was born out of pure frustration (apologies again), hopefully this ‘explanation’ may help anyone else who experiences similar issues (and frustration) in the future who is using a TP link booster in order to ride on Zwift. Cheers.