100% - Plus or Minus Control

Hi I have a question that I cannot find any answers to anywhere in Zwift.

On the left of the zwift screen whilst training, there is a guide as to what part of the training session you have scheduled you have completed. If you have hit all the numbers you get a yellow star. BUT at the bottom, there is a 100% plus-minus control I have attached a screen shot with the section circled. Can anyone at Zwift tell me what this does and where the instructions relating to it are please?


That is there so if you don’t feel your best on a given day, you can decrease your ftp up to 5% for that workout.

As Fez said, it allows you to scale up or down the intensity but I believe it allows +/- 10% (not 5%).

@ Fez_Rockbottom and Kevin_Brown1 Thank you both for your replies, they will help me with my training. Could you tell me where did you find the information in Zwift?

I know it from using the feature from the companion app. A quick search turned up this news article from Ziwft:


Hi Kevin, thank you very much for the information I really appreciate it. I tried so many searches to find this information maybe I was just asking the question wrong.
Thanks again Geoff