Zwift's Dec 10th "Your Week Ahead" email

The December 10th email from Zwift titled “Your Week Ahead” discusses the following topics…

  • Tour of Watopia: Stage 4
  • New Roads in Watopia: Southern Coast
  • Movistar Team Cycling Club Ride that happened in October.
  • Ella Harris Training ride that took place in 2021

Did anyone else get this email from Zwift? Why are they sending email ride announcements for old events?

Yep, kind of funny… This is not a first time, but how these happens…?!?
There must be some simple explanation… For me this is just mission impossible that suddenly I sent some three months old email again. …or at least I think so :sweat_smile:

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ToW stage 4 appeared twice in the message so you can’t say no