ZwiftPower Update [September 2020]

It’s not an advantage to have that info to yourself - if everyone doesn’t know, someone will try to stick with the flier, and then everyone has to stick with that guy in case he can do it. In a race I was in on the weekend, in-game public text messages started flying around, and the entire race agreed to let someone go. The whole point is to try to stop these folks from blowing up races, and have the pack driven by people legitimately in the category. If that guy wasn’t in the race, same result.

The only advantage is if you are in the front group of 4 an 2 of them is out of cat you can let them sprint and just look at the other guy.

Or as you say people will call not to chase.


Whether or not sprints and primes are mapped for courses seems a bit random, I just discovered that London Reverse has no Sprint Primes at the sprint banner. Annoying when you arrange a race based on primes. Can we have a list of courses with Primes and KOMS mapped please?

Zwift Insider has a list of Strava segments defined to match Zwift segments, but also includes things which aren’t Zwift segments, like the radio tower climb, or the Bologna climb.

ZwiftPower has a list: it’s under the “segments” pulldown menu on the menu bar. But this seems quite incomplete.

Zwift Insider segments are a bit hit and miss in my experience but that aside, having racers sign-up to Zwiftpower AND strave to get valid results is kind of silly.

Hello There Zwift HQ!

When is Zwift going to integrate ZwiftPower as it’s default standings?

The current Zwift results for racing are and have been a joke since inception. For example, I raced the USA Cycling Race League by Indoor Specialist at 1:55 PM ET yesterday in the C CATEGORY. The winner of the race on the native Zwift Standings finished with 4.1 w/kg. That’s A CATEGORY Why are they NOT DQ’d from the Zwift Standings OR at least bumped up to the proper category. Why? Yes, on ZwiftPower they are DQ’d – but this is after they have screwed up the race dynamics for everyone else in the race. The other two riders on the Podium were also mid 3.5 w/kg range well ABOVE the C CATEGORY designation. Zwift needs to bump riders up to the proper category; or DQ them; or implement the anti-sandbagging technology across all races and not leave it up to the Race Directors.

How many more years is this BS going to go on?

Riders are never going to police themselves. Race Organizers don’t want to limit their fields. Therefore it is up to the host of the platform – ZWIFT – to do something about this if they EVER want anyone to take this racing platform seriously.

Perhaps Zwift can have “practice races” where any cyclist with Z-Power and no HR, can race in any Category. But then there MUST be ZwiftPower Standing Only Races where legitimate Zwift Riders riding within the appropriate w/kg categories, with proper Smart Trainers, and Heart Rate Monitors, whom follow the damn rules can only race.

Is Zwift just lazy or too inept, or too apathetic toward its own racing platform it itself created? Take the damn bull by the horns and do something Zwift. Force people to race with integrity and honesty. I apologize for my anger and sarcasm, but please know it is PASSION. I Love Zwift. And I Absolutely LOVE Zwift Racing – but this madness has to stop. Stop worrying about hurting the customers feelings and offer a fully integrated, native standings board that has honesty and integrity and maybe Zwift Racing will get the respect it damn well deserves.


I’d say the vast majority of race organisers would happily limit their fields if they had the tools to do so. Which of course comes back to Zwift again.

I expect they’re going to look to club functionality to solve that particular issue; by allowing club admins to simply boot sandbaggers and spoilers from the club.

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I have two perspectives, one as a racer and one as a new user. As I see it, there is not a single user of Zwift that thinks the racing category system works. I don’t mean that it isn’t fun - in fact, it’s my favorite part about Zwift. I used to be a B racer, but came down with a horrible case of Covid-19 and I’ve been working my way back starting as a D rider. If I were new to riding, I would assume that Zwift was joking based on what I’ve seen in the D races. You will not find a SINGLE D race winner that is in the appropriate category. Coming back, I only entered the Crit Beta which flagged riders, and recently people figured out how to scam that system as well. None of this should be news to you, but it has been this way since I started with Zwift in Beta.

In my opinion, the fixes are very very simple and can be dependent on how strict the race organizers want their series to be. These can be check boxes when they setup their race:

  • In order to enter a race, you have to take an FTP test OR have a minimum amount of time with Zwift where it can determine your FTP. This way, Zwift can “strongly suggest” your category like you do in the Crit beta.

  • If you ride in a race, say a D race, and put a power/weight of a B, you can’t enter anything lower than your category. Remember, this is a race, not a training ride. A D rider wants to win against people of their same category. Not a tired B rider.

  • If you are sick or injured, you can sign up, but you will be flagged where other riders can see you are out of category. Your results will not count, but you can race normally. If you exceed the category limits, you will have a limiter on (much of this is already in the Crit Beta).

  • Expand the categories somewhat. I don’t know what goes on with the A rides, but the D rides are completely filled up with B and C riders who want to “win”. Zwift could use a beginner category - after all, its a video game and not real life. Give someone with a 1.5 w/kg a chance to win something. It is highly motivating and way different than a training ride. Again, coming back from COVID, I raced with other people who had injuries (knee, new hip, etc.) and it was fun to race against each other. We were all way out of our category, but we all struggled to average 2.0 w/kg. Otherwise, you’re basically racing alone.

  • 3 strikes and you’re out rule. If you somehow make it through all the above, sandbag and get flagged 3 times, you can’t race for two weeks, a month, or other time period. I understand Zwift doesn’t want to lose revenue from these sandbaggers, and I get it. But you are isolating people who want to have fun and really race and will happily jump ship if and when a Zwift competitor shows up.


This sums up the position now:

  1. Email Zwift re a race cat issue.

  2. They reply from Zwift Support, not any specific ZP email. Reply is the usual generic cobblers:
    “We’ve received your email and look forward to speaking with you! We will get back to you as quickly as we can”*

  3. Meantime, I post on ZP forum chatting to other riders, instant solution from Sticky, as always.

I wish they would just leave ZP to the people who set it up, while they chase the money in e-sports for the 12 people who care about it.




You’ve got to be kidding. No change means that this changes nothing. You keep pretending everything is hunky dory and I’ll keep pretending I never saw this.


Haha! You’ve got a point. It’s just that… like if you were on a hunger strike the idea would not be to starve to death. But you’re pot committed and may get called down. Then you either have to follow through or it was all just for show.

I did a double century as a quite scrawny barely 14 yo kid. The organizer must have forgotten about an age clause. Wasn’t properly trained for it and had outgrown the heavy steel bike. Quite stupid the whole thing. I walled exactly halfways through. It just so happened there was this sadistic road sign there showing the distance back to the city where the finish was. Like “Ok… just another… 100 miles to go… BONK!” The following 50 miles were a complete nightmare, then it got easier. But the thing is the only reason I didn’t drop out in the third quarter was that I wouldn’t give the grownups the pleasure of patting me on the head afterwards saying “We knew you wouldn’t make it, son, but you did good anyway.” Guess I learned early how to go all the way, crash and burn. So OK, starvation it is then. I’ll play.